Friday, December 31, 2010

Walt Disney World and Happy Birthday Peter!

Most of these Pictures are pretty Self explanatory! We had an awesome trip to Disney World (as usual) and right before we left we were able to celebrate Peters Birthday =)

In this pic below peter is giving Mater a High 5.

The view of the castle from our room! We loved watching fireworks from our room every night.

Pooh Bear at Crystal Palace

Doesn't Dan look mgical with his light up buzz lightyear on his hat =)

Happy Birthday Peter!

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Well for starters, Meet Grisz! We broke down and bought Peter a dog. He is a Goldendoodle. We picked up this fine pup two months ago so although he no longer looks like this, (He is Growing like CRAZY) we thought we'd share the new addition to our little family.
Happy Pirate Dressup! Peter decided he wanted to be Captain hook for halloween, but as you can see, he loves dressing like a pirate all the time.

Here we are at the pumpkin patch. Picking the perfect pumpkin is VERY important. But we managed ok =)

Dan and I were able to dress up this year as well! I went as Edna Mode, from the incredibles. Dan went has a Minnesota Hockey player, and although his choice of costume was SUPER original, we didn't get a pic=( bummer, next year
And Finally, to end this LONG post about all the Random stuff we have been doing lately, I was able to take a little trip to Long Beach California with some of my girlfriends and run another Marathon! I just LOVE RUNNING, can't seem to get enough of it lately and I am already planning my next years marathons....

Me and James Bond at the wax museum =) Going in this place at first actually freaked me out! It seemed like they were kinda real, but you knew they weren't... but all the wax... I dunno, made me nervous. But I am so glad I did it! Now looking back at the pics I am so glad to have those memories.

These are the two girlfriends I went with. On the left is Amber and on the right is Meredith. We had SO much fun and I can't wait to do it again.

This is what happens to my hair after 26.2 miles.... it started in a nice braid.
Amber and I the morning before the race. She ran the marathon with me and Meredith ran the Forest Gump 5k. I was so proud of my friends. If you look closely at our bibs, mine is a nice advertisement for my quilt company Jenny M's. if anyone is wondering the M is from Marie (my middle name). But I love it when they let you personalize your bib. When I was running the Disney Marathon it was so nice to have random people shouting out your name from the side and cheering you on even though you have no idea who they are!
Well, this is a long post about a lot of stuff that has happened over the last couple of months. We have been busy and it just keeps getting busier. Can't wait for Winter, time to bust out the skis =)

Monday, September 13, 2010


We went to Moab over Labor Day Weekend with some friends of ours and had so much fun!!! Who knew it was so interesting around that area. Here are some pics.
p.s. They are in no particular order.

This is Peter in the sand at Sand Dune Arch. Needless to say he was FULL of sand.

Peter ready for a hike.

He loved playing in the sand so much that even at night at our campsite he wanted to wear Dans headlamp so he could dig for treasure. The 2 dollar sand bucket and shovel was well worth it!

This is double arch, Dan and I hiked way up in there. Way fun.

This is us on top of Sand Dune arch. This place was great for the whole family. Peter played in the sand and we were able to hike up around this arch. Everyone Happy =)

What crazies.

This is a small section of an area called Park Avenue. All the pics I had didn't do it justice, this one barely does but at least you can imagine how straight up the rocks are. (Also, I think Indiana Jones was filmed here?)


This is Balance Rock. I was not only worried about this rock falling but several others. Of course, as long as I wasn't in the way I would have loved to watch it take a tumble.

This is in the Canyon lands Park. Super amazing sunset.

Peter really enjoyed the Binoculars....

This is us Watching another Sunset at Delicate Arch.

This is Delicate Arch, and those three people hiking are Dan, Mitchell and Matt. Gives you some idea of how big it is.

Here we are! We had a great trip! I feel like someone photoshopped us into this pic because it is just too picturesque.

I totally recommend this destination for anyone who wants to see some of the amazing things our lovely country and earth has to offer. Amazing stuff people.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Estes Park is still a Favorite

I have been going up to Estes Park at least once a year for almost my entire life! I still love it and each year can't wait to make the short journey. The last couple of years we have camped for a weekend or two but this year we have just been too busy so instead we drove up for the day.

The Trip started with feeding the chipmunks, we had talked about it so much during the car ride up that if we hadn't gone their first we would have been in trouble =) You ride a tram to the top of the mountain that is 55 years old! On the way down I asked the doorman how old the cable was... he said 55 years! They haven't changed it once. Luckily we were close to the bottom so I didn't have to get nervous about a cable snapping while we were on it.

Check it out. The little chipmunks come right up and eat the peanuts out of your hand, depending on how comfortable they are sometime they just sit and eat it right next to you! Peter LOVED IT!! Last night before bed we were talking about what we were going to do today and he was wondering if there was any way we could go feed those chipmunks again.

I have loved go karts my whole life. I remember going to Estes the year I turned eight because that meant I could drive and ride in the go kart all by myself! Times have changed and I am pretty sure peter will have to wait until he is a little older, but luckily with these double karts he can feel like he is driving as well.

Also, here is the infamous old SUPER FAST slide. Just like almost everything else we do in Estes I have been climbing these steps to get to the top of this slide for as long as I can remember. I think about that each time i climb up and just wonder when the metal is going to give and fall to the ground. Luckily, not yet. Peter LOVED the slides.

We had a blast, after the festivities we went had pizza, taffy walked around town, finished with some ice cream and last but not list, taking our shoes off and dipping them in the river. I don't know why I didn't take a picture of that! BUMMER, oh well, maybe next year. Merry Summers

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Watchout people, there is a new cowboy in town!

We just had an amazing trip to Wyoming! A lot of our family was able to join us and we had a blast. Peter decided he wanted to be a cowboy. He found himself not only a hat, but a pistol and rope which he is still learning how to use.

We were able to do some fireworks while we were there. He decided he was old enough to do the double sparkler. For twice as much sparkle of course. He did great!

This is his cousin and bud Henry. They spent a lot of time hanging out and talking about being cowboys, Star Wars, Iron Man. You know, usual boy stuff.

Peter was also thrilled to get to go fishing up in the Big Horn Mountains! He got to hang with his grandpa who is a most expert fisher. According to Peter =)

Oh thats right! He caught one!!

Well, My blog has been updated.... hopefully I can update more frequently. Who knew time could go by so quickly. Happy Summers.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter and Nice Weather bring Happiness =)

The last couple of days we have had WONDERFUL WEATHER. We are loving it.

In this Picture Peter and his friend Logan and enjoying Logans Jeep. Peter LOVES his jeep and reminds me that he wants one every time we enter a toy store. Thanks to Logan we have not had to purchase one yet......
Peter is looking through a telescope of some good friends of ours and checking out awesome planets like Jupiter and Mars.
LETS JUMP FOR JOY! This is at an Easter egg hunt where he is actually enjoying himself. Previously I was all pumped to take him down to this Grandrabbit egg hunt where you find free coupons to their toy store in the eggs. When we got there Peter got upset and would not leave my leg.... so instead of coupons I had to buy a toy at regular price....As my mother says, with kids sometimes you hit it on the nail and sometimes you just have to throw out milk because you just got it wrong.

Happy Spring!